I was out at the weekend again trying for some Bass. Recently I had  travelled to Kerry with friends Jonnie Reddin and Sidnei Boff hoping to catch some but the weather and tides were all wrong and all we got were some Pollock.

This time I was joined by Stephane from France who also has been travelling a lot in search of his 1st Bass. Conditions at the weekend were perfect, and we started with some local spots in Dublin but the Bass were nowhere to be seen.

Full tide was around 1.30pm and we had fished a few locations by the turn. However, we stumbled upon some nice water as the tide started to go out, and it was crystal clear. With only a short time left to fish, we both changed from soft plastics to surface lures.

There was about 2 feet of water above the rocks and weed, and it looked ideal. Using a Zara Spook popper, Stephane had a fish come out of nowhere, and it hammered the lure right at his feet. After a short but exciting fight,we landed the fish, a lovely Bass, and Stephane’s first..

Within minutes the tide pushed out but as you can see, Stephane was delighted.Stephane Bass

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