Geared up for Savage 4Play

As you may be aware, I was recently asked to try out some lures by Savage Gear agent Irish Tackle & Leisure. I had used some of their soft baits in the past for Bass with great success, and was keen to  try some of these hard plastics.

The first one to get a swim was the 4 play Herring in both the swim and jerk  model and the shallow diver. I was out guiding on a backwater of the River Shannon and after having some success on bait, my clients were keen to try some lure fishing.

We were in a shallow reedy bay, and the water was gin clear. Pike are normally in these bays after spawning, feeding hard on the many coarse fish to regain their weight.

We had a number of fish follow the lures right up to the boat. Even the slightest touch of  the rod tip puts action into these lures, and they counted  for a number of fish into double figures. Adam had a number of large fish take the perch colour lure in particular.

At one  stage we were anchored over a large weed-bed and Adam tried a 13cm Swim & Jerk, just barely moved on the surface. He had an explosive take and the fish actually came right out of the water for the lure. Adam said the lures were very popular on his local waters back in Norfolk, and was delighted to try them out on some fit Irish Pike.

The Savage Gear range is available and stocked in most good tackle shops and I am certainly looking forward to some more days out with these lures. In particular I will be trying out some Savage eels for our up coming Bass trips. rj [slideshow gallery_id=”19″]

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