First Shannon Pike for Norfolk visitors

After the windswept week on Mask trout fishing, Adam Felstead and his dad were keen to have another try for some pike. We targeted some of the sheltered water on lower Shannon around Lough Derg. Adam fishes the Norfolk Broads every week for Pike and was stunned at the size of the river compared to  the  Norfolk rivers and its broads. We started off by trying some of the drop offs and around the many islands.

The first few trolls produced nothing with lures, so we changed to my favorite method here, trolled dead-baits. Herrings and roach were used. The herring was the first to get a take, and this turned out to be a nice fish of 12 or 13 lbs. A quick picture and release, and off again.

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Running the  baits over the same area we had another take in virtually the same  spot. This turned out to be a pike of about 7 lb. We trolled hard for another hour or two but the action stopped. I had some new lures I wanted to try out so Adam was keen for a change. Into some of the shallower bays we went, and almost instantly we had a big fish come right out of the water at a surface lure, but miss it. A few more throws and another take, this time from a small jack.

We re-positioned the boat near a small river mouth and again had another follow from a very decent fish. Not to be outdone by the pike, Adam clipped on a smaller lure, and was not long fishing when he had a hard take. The fish put up a great fight in the air as much as in the water. It turned out to be a nice mid double in great condition and a great end to a tough week for the lads. rj

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