Underwater in Lough Sheelin

A couple of weeks ago we had a short bout of unexpected sun and heat on our backs and what a welcome change from the cold of April and early May. With the return of wet and cold last week, I hope you all made the best of it.

During that few days, I ventured up to Lough Sheelin with Gary and with a massive hatch of Mayfly, we planned to try out both macro and underwater cameras. Gary got some footage of Mayflies hatching and also filmed the spent mayflies in the bushes mating. It never fails to amaze me the amount of non fishing footage that is required for an angling film. Thankfully for us all Gary loves this bit of the job.

With evening drawing to a close we fished for a while and I hooked and landed a lovely 4 lb trout on a spent, all captured by Gary. With the underwater cameras we got some great footage of the landing and the release.

I can see we will have some fun with these specialty cameras in the coming months. Hope to get a few snippets and stills onto the site soon. rj

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