R&R for Kelly Clarkson and some US music legends…Irish style

I have been out of circulation last few weeks getting some dental work done so have not been out and about  on anything too exciting. Some shoot planning, a little bit of film editing and sorting out the tackle boxes was all I have been able to get done.

Back in June during the Reba McEntire visit, I had the pleasure to meet and introduce 3 other US music legends to fishing here in Ireland. Both Kelly Clarkson, John Espositio and Ronnie Dunn were in Dublin and part of the Reba McEntire group I mentioned earlier.

Kelly Clarkson is one of Americas most popular singers right now with her single ‘Stronger (What doesn’t kill you)‘ selling over 4millon copies and was also the 1st ever winner of American Idol. Reba’s husband Narvel Blackstock is Kelly’s manager.

John Esposito is current President and CEO of Warner Music Nashville, and one of US music industries best known executives.

Ronnie Dunn is one half of Brooks & Dunn, one of US country musics most successful and decorated recording artists. The duo sold over 30 million records. In 2010 Ronnie launched a solo recording career with some success.

Like everybody Kelly Clarkson likes to take a little time out and was up for trying her hand at a spot of fishing with a few hours on the water over a couple of days. Kelly is pictured with one of 3 trout, caught on light lures. Kelly also finished the day with a small pike.

I took John and Ronnie out together and both caught fish, again all on light lures. Ronnie has fished regularly and caught a number of pike and small trout. John is not a regular angler but seemed to enjoy the sport and did land a pike as well as a couple of trout.

It was a real thrill to get out fishing with Reba’s guests and all seem to have had a great time here in Ireland. rj

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