Balsam Bashing on the banks of the Dodder

Unfortunately I was unable to make the FAW Balsam Bash launch in Bushy Park yesterday due to family engagement, but Charlie and Gary were in attendance to see and film Dr Joe Caffrey from Inland Fisheries Ireland make an impassioned plea for support to help eradicate a variety of invasive species including Himalayan Balsam that threaten biodiversity right in the heart of the city as well as further afield.

Joe was accompanied by Minister Fergus O’Dowd and Dublin Lord Mayor Andrew Montague and a gathering of anglers from some of the local clubs. Following Joes talk, the 25-30 anglers from Dodder and Kilbride Anglers were shown how to remove the Himalayan Balsam which is a particular threat to the Dodder banks. The work party then set out to clear a large stretch of the river bank of this particular invasive weed.

Please check out the IFI website below for more details on invasive species and learn how you and your community can do their bit to address the threat to our river banks. rj

Check out a short clip with Charlie covering Dr Joe Caffreys talk and the Balsam Bash on Anglerview Media youtube site.

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