A Flying visit for a Pike on the Fly

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Last week I was guiding for a client in for a flying visit. Azim was in Paris on business, and came over to Dublin for one day only, and wanted to try his luck with fly fishing for Pike on Lough Derg. Last season he had fished for trout and we had some great sport with dry flies during the summer. I had told him about the Pike in the lough and he fancied one on the fly.

So armed with a floating line we started with the shallow bays, hoping they might hold a few fish after spawning. A few fish showed some interest, but turned away each time. We moved into some deeper water on the edge of some  thick reed-beds. Azim was keen to try some new Pike flies I got from my friend Ad Swier in Holland. These are really big, and after 2 or 3 casts a fish eventually hit the stripped fly. After a short but acrobatic fight Azim had his first Irish fly caught Pike, a fish of about 6 lb.

Although we tried several  other areas, no more fish came to the fly. With an hour to go, Azim asked was there a plan b? Yes there was, float trolling dead baits off the deep shelves. Within half an hour, Azim had 2 takes and 2 doubles were landed. One of  about 10 lb and another fish of just over 15 lb. This fish was as fat as a pig and beautifully  marked. We were off the lough by 6pm and Azim was back in the air by 10. rj

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