Gear Review, its Savage!!

You may have heard that Anglers View now have a distributor for our DVD’s here in Ireland. Michael Dixon’s Irish Tackle & Leisure have started distributing both ‘Follow the Fly’ and ‘Sea to Stream’ earlier this month. Both DVD’s will be available in most good tackle shops. Irish Tackle & Leisure are also the agents for Savage Gear in Ireland and as part of the arrangement I am getting the opportunity to put a range of the Savage Gear equipment through its paces over the coming weeks and months.

In particular, I am really looking forward to getting out with some of the lures which have been getting a lot of favorable press recently. I also like the look of the 4Play lip skull rig (see picture 2) for deadbait and cannot wait to give them a try. I am hoping to get down to Kerry soon for some Bass fishing but will probably get a chance to to use the gear for Pike out west this week. rj

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